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Non hydrocarbon based energy generation is real and reliable too. However, these should be seen as augmenting what we already have instead of replacing them completely.

Energy efficiency: Why use a 100W incandescent bulb for lighting when a 5W or 10W energy saving bulb can provide the same illumination? Every single power hungry electronic or electrical appliance out there has an energy efficient alternative based on digital signal processing based technology that reduces the energy requirements of these appliances while delivering even better performance.

Some have argued that the FG or the relevant power generation should generate enough and let end users decide what they want to use instead of the FG telling them to use energy efficient appliances. That line of reasoning is faulty because everyone takes from a common pool and the problem is a national problem that needs to be tackled.

A strong energy efficiency policy can enforce the use of energy efficient electrical and electronic appliances in Nigeria. Australia gave a deadline which I believe ended in 2009 or 2010 about the use of the regular incandescent bulbs and they mandated the citizens to switch to energy saving bulbs. Ghana once traded 4 energy saving bulbs for a single incandescent bulb in a bid to address the energy problem.

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